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Are you looking for a property to rent in the Greater Portland area. This great American city known as the Rose City is a greaet place to lease a property. Some times the market is in flux as it is now, and perhaps you are not ready to commit to buying a home but want to relocate to the area. Perhaps, you are still building your credit score, or saving up a down payment for a future property purchase. These are all ideal situations for renting a home. Rather than just rent a home it is reccomended you Lease a Portland Property

Rent or lease?

With a lease you are committing to a longer term tenancy. This benefits you with peace of mind about not having to worry about moving at any given time. For property owners, they get a tenant that wants to stay longer. This creates loyalty between both parties. With higher loyalty, both sides will take care of each other better, and have more open lines of communication. Renting is for a more short term solution. With a lease a tenant can ask for certain amenities to be part of the lease. Likewise, the land lord can ask for a longer tenancy to offset those costs. If you plan on staying in one place for a good year or more why not sign a lease? 

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Portland Property Managers

If you are not sure which way may be best for you consult the services of an experienced Portland Property Manager. They are experts in negotiating the terms of rental and lease agreements. They also know of the available properties for rent, and even some that are not quite yet on the market. They are there to guide you into the best situation to fit your particular needs. 

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