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Home Maintenance Tips for Spring


1.) Ants: As most Oregonians know, at this time of year these critters will probably be in a rush to make their presence known. Email Alliance Properties Maintenance for tips & tricks to prevent them from coming into your home.

2.) Examine Roof Shingles: Winter weather can cause damage to your roof during the winter. As we move into the summer season, the hot sun can damage your roof shingles. Be sure to take look for cracked or loose shingles, as any of these should be replaced.

3.) Check your Gutters: Spring can bring a heavy amount of rain, which can mean major issues if your gutters are not draining correctly. Improper drainage can lead to water leaks in your basement or crawl space, as well as rot on the siding of your home. Make sure that the gutters are clean and clear, and down spouts are draining away from the foundation of your home.

4.) Use Compacted Soil: The large amount of spring rain fall can also lead to flooding in your yard if there are low areas. Spreading compacted soil in these low areas of your yard will help alleviate pooling water and flooding in your yard.

5.) Examine your Chimney: After a long winter of using your wood burning fireplace, it’s always a good idea to have a professional inspect and clean your chimney.

6.) Move your Firewood: After having your chimney cleaned and inspected, be sure to store your firewood at least 18 inches off the ground, and 2 feet away from the structure.

7.) Check Exterior Faucets: Check all of your exterior faucets for damage that may have occurred over the winter. If you turn the water on and place your thumb or finger over the opening, you should not be able to stop the flow of water. If the flow of water stops, you may have pipe damage inside the home. While you’re checking this, it’s always a good idea to check your garden hose for rot.

8.) Service your AC Unit: While it’s still a little early to begin using your AC, it’s always a good idea to get a jump start on prepping for warm weather. Hiring a heating and cooling contractor to service and inspect your air conditioner could save a lot of hassle, and prevent unexpected breakdowns of your unit during the hot summer months.

9.) Check Power Equipment: Check your gas and battery-powered lawn equipment to make sure it’s ready for summer use. This will make keeping up with the spring lawn growth much easier.


If you’re ever in doubt, you can always contact our office at 503-350-1200. If you find any maintenance issues during spring cleaning, please send an email to our maintenance coordinators at


The Alliance Properties Team