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Portland Property RentalsWelcome to your homes for sale and for lease, your real estate resource?serving Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego and the surrounding Counties of Washington, Multnomah and Clackamas.? I am also a Vancouver Real Estate Broker and have an office in Clark County?Washington.? As your primary Real Estate Broker,?I am pleased to provide you with access to?local House Listings,?Rental Listings, capabilities to?Search the MLS along with?useful community information, home buying/selling and leasing advice and much more.? We can assist you with rentals and leases.?

Portland Oregon Area?Property Rentals

Alliance Properties manages a portfolio of rental properties.? Experts that serve the Greater Portland Metropolitan area with the experience that you demand.? With offices in both Portland and across the river in Vancouver, Washington you are sure to get the best advice in the area.? Alliance Properties can help you find a rental with the amenities that meet your needs.? We work with all types from condominiums to single family homes.? If you are looking to rent out a property we have the contacts and client base to get it rented out quickly and with a quality tenant.? If you seek office space for your expanding business we can assist you with that as well.

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Greater Portland Metropolitan Area Property Rentals

Portland is nick named the City of Roses.? The city is just the right mix of high rise urban living with beautiful snow capped mountain views, and quaint suburban areas.? The city is not over run with high rises like other metropolises.? They are condensed in the down town area and the rest of the city is more spread out and slower paced.? Vancouver on the Washington side is even more slow paced.? Both areas are great places to live as a renter, owner, or business person.? Call (503) 350-1200 for more information on getting started.??

Using a state licensed Realtor

Real Estate Rentals in Oregon AreaFinding a good Realtor can be a challenging task, and finding one that specializes in property manager can be a bigger challenge.? With a licensed realtor that has experience with Oregon Property Management you get the best of both worlds.? I can take care of all the details of managing your property and put you at ease.? If?you are looking for an apartment, condo, or house to rent or lease, I have the experience and connections to the best rentals available on the market.?

Portland Property Manager

My name is Gilson Lipp and I am your Portland Real Estate Broker/Property Manager with Alliance Properties. We specialize in helping homebuyers, renters, sellers and investors with real estate and achieving their goals. I have over 22 years of experience and expertise in our markets and can help you with a broad range of?services.

Portland OR Rentals & Sales

Browse through our site to explore the Tri-Counties of Multnomah, Washington andPortland Oregon Area Homes for Lease Clackamas communities. Including the cities of Portland, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Aloha, and Tualatin. Our online resource offers direct access to properties for sale and lease?in your area.???If you are looking to lease a home or apartment, take a look at some of our current Portland rental listings available on my site.? Want to learn more about Renting a Portland Home?? This information is on our Portland Rentals page.??

Suburban Portland Homes

The suburbs of Portland are great places to live.? Start by renting a home, you can always upgrade and buy one later.? There are many different types of neighborhoods with their own unique ambiance.? The suburban areas have a great bedroom community feel, many with nice sized homes and lots, yet adjacent to all the great amenities great cities have.? Portland is known as one of the best places in America to live.? Portland has the rare combination of being a big city with a small town feel.? This makes the city a very desirable destination to call home.?

Portland Rental Professionals

There is a need for qualified Portland Property Managers?and Gilson Lipp is filling that necessity.? He has a breadth of area knowledge on properties for rent, and for lease.? He keeps abreast of any new hot rentals that some times are not yet available on the Portland MLS systems.? Some of the bestPortland Property Management rentals will not be found in an advertisement or directory, but from direct contact with the people managing theose properties or people who know them.? It is so much easier to move into a quality rental with a expert on your side.? In addition to finding the right properties for someone they understand the details in a written contract.? Responsibilities that fall on each party, and the true cost of a rental property.?

Property Managers in Portland, Oregon

Property owners put their trust in the best people they can find to get them quality tenants that will pay their rent on time, and take care of their investments.? A great tenant and owner relationship can be built with a caring, experienced Portland Property Manager.? With their assistance pricing, options, and lease terms can be negotiated for the best reolution for all.? This creates a better long term tenant, and a happier owner as well.? If you would liek to view some properties or just get an idea of what is available contact Gilson Lipp at (503) 350-1200.?

Vancouver, Washington

Vancouver, Washington Area Properties for RentLeasing a home??is a cinch with the right Vancouver Property Manager.? If you are a home buyer, I can help too. Vancouver borders the boundary of Portland just across the river on the north side.? The area is a little more suburban in its feel than the bussier areas of Portland.? Vancouver has many types of properties from condominiums to vast estates on large parcels of land.? Vancouver is located on the north bank of the Columbia River.?Vancouver is the fourth largest city in the state of Washington.? There is also Vancouver, Canada, which is about 300 miles north in the Canadian province of British Columbia.? Both were named after George Vancouver.?

Property Management in the Vancouver, Washington Area

Renting a Vancouver Property can be done by scouring the newspapers, driving around, or with the use of an area property manager.? The advantage of doing this is the time savings encoutered without having to research properties.? A property manager that specializes in the Vancouver market already knows what is available, and the requirements to lease said properties.?

Why Hire a Vancouver Property Manager

If you own property in the Vancouver area of Southern Washington have you considered having a professional management company work for you?? Property managers handle the ins and outs of marketing your property, bringing in qualified rental candidates, and screening them for you.? This leaves you free time to focus on acquiring additional properties.? Call Gilson Lipp today and have him handle this work load for you.? You can reach him at (503) 350-1200 or on his email account at gil@allianceproperties.net.


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